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Where to start? A marketing research trip to Williamstown

This article is an extended version of an Instagram post, for the original post click here.

So in the early days of producing 'How I Missed Home', I hit this point where I was like 'hmm where on earth do i start?', so on a whim I decided to visit the only martime museum in Naarm called Seaworks in Williamstown (, in a hope that I could meet someone who could point me towards a vintage yacht that we could take photos or film on (note - originally I wanted to film the music video on a real yacht, but it ended up being much more cost effective and safer to film at Bakehouse studios in Abbostsford - After asking a few bemused locals I stumbled upon a pier near the Hobson's Bay Yacht Club with some perfect vintage yachts. I contacted the club and they gave us permission to do a photoshoot on this lovely boat called ‘Astrid’. Built in 1960s, this boat is a nautical dream. I hope to actually sail on it some day! We ended borrowing a few items from the yacht as props for the video.

All in all, lesson from this was to not be afraid to ask for what you want - even if it's a bizzare vague request like this was! Below are some photos (taken by Grey Cesira) from the shoot:


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