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Music video inspirations

Updated: Aug 9

This article was written for Happy Mag in August 2023, link to original here:

Photo by Eden Taylor

Here are some music videos and films that vaguely inspired the vibe of the ‘How I Missed Home’ video. Check them out, plus a few others, at this link:

Click the top right menu on this video to see the full playlist.

‘Maidentrip’ – Documentary about Laura Dekker

I’m starting with the documentary that inspired the song, it was mostly filmed by Laura as she travelled around the world. I found it to be a very raw and inspiring documentary, particularly as I watched it during the depths of Melbourne’s lockdown.

‘Six Months in a Leaky Boat’ – Split Enz This one is the most obvious influence, from the dramatic vintage introduction to the fake smoky swaying ship set, and campy outfits, plus the references to Aotearoa. All these elements added to the idea of creating a video that feels like it could be on a stage at a theatre.

‘This Woman’s Work’ – Kate Bush + other 1980s videos: There is a certain aesthetic in this video, and many other 80s music videos, that I’ve always been drawn to. A kind of surrealness that comes with capturing a dreamy melancholic feeling, while not trying to be realistic with acting or staging. It’s quite hard to explain, but the video of ‘This Woman’s Work’is a fine example. I love the way it carries this feeling through the sets and beats, almost like a play. Some other works that capture this feeling are ‘Cloudbusting’, also by Kate Bush, ‘Fields of Gold’ by Sting, ‘Voices Carry’ by ’Til Tuesday and the 90s TV show ‘Twin Peaks.

‘Heavenly’ – Sputnik Sweetheart I discovered Sputnik Sweetheart (who are from my hometown of Canberra) from seeing this video one night watching Rage when I was recovering from long covid. I was transfixed by the video, and how the pulsating mournful energy of the song combined with the vintage dreamy aesthetic, all tied together with thoughtful editing and use of colour. All elements that helped me discover what I think can make a great video.

‘Knees Deep’ – The Beths This video taught me that a good simple idea connected to the song can make a great video, regardless of the budget. I always have such a big smile on my face after watching this one!

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