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Manifesto – Max Bittisnich

Dear Reader,

This manifesto will evolve, but this is the start. I wish to explore new ways of creating songs and concept albums that could be akin to a film or a novel. This could range from vague stories typical in songwriting, to a full-blown understandable plot. The ways in which music and lyrics provoke the imagination and create atmospheres could be explored in new exciting ways – with elements of radio plays and Foley meshed with songwriting.

This is a flame in the fire, the energy I want to follow, the search for that something else, the empathy found in little epiphanies. 

I want to acknowledge the need for an empathetic society that dissolves old Jurassic ideas that have caused pain for so many. To find ways to push through the infectious judgements about who we’re supposed to be, to discover that there can be something different, starting with the acceptance of the self and the ways our energy can act out against our values.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading!

Kind regards,

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