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Max Aurora & The Southern Lights


Max Aurora & The Southern Lights are a emo-indie band that formed in mid-2022. Their music is inspired by pelicans, awe, empathy, travelling songs, concept albums and songs about day-to-day life.


The formation of the band was a build up, starting with rehearsals and planned / cancelled gigs throughout the lockdown period in Naarm / Melbourne, finally resulting in their first couple of gigs at The Workers Club in March 2022 and The Retreat in September 2022.

The band is buzzing about the place they are in, with Max currently a mentee in the Australian Independent Record Label's Women in Music Mentorship, there is an excitement about the projects they are currently working on which includes the first single, music video, EP and album... oof!

(Original pelican logo)

Max Aurora Solo

Max Aurora (they / them) grew up in a bushy suburb of Canberra, where their first exposure to music was from Crowded House filled car trips. They then proceeded to steal some of their sibling’s taste in music with bands like My Chemical Romance and Rise Against – though they had an extra hankering for pop artists like The Veronicas and endless cheesy 80s hits. Max began learning music young, starting with drum lessons, then turning to singing through theatre, learning power chords on guitar to Green Day songs and playing piano by tinkering on the old Yamaha at home. They moved to Naarm / Melbourne in 2013 and completed a Bachelor of Music Performance in Vocals at Melbourne Polytechnic – currently they are on a break  from studying a Masters of Music Therapy at Melbourne University.

Before adding The Southern Lights onto the name, Max released an EP in 2020 called Somewhere Near (under the name Max Bittisnich) a culmination of songs written between 2013 and 2018. This EP was a result of a slow progression in learning how to craft a release. Although Max is proud of it, they are excited by what they have learnt from it and the potential of releases yet to come.

This includes a new direction for releasing music under the name Max Aurora (without the band) that focuses on a folk / acoustic / ambient sound inspired by rustic folk artists and film soundtracks. They are currently working on the solo EP, playing solo gigs, while also posting acoustic covers and reviews on YouTube.

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