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Sadly for the 2nd time, this gig has been cancelled due to the snap lockdown, but stay tuned for a reschedule when the world allows it, third times the charm!

Date: 30/9/2020

The Day After Valentine's Lyric Book Video out now


Art by Jessica Wilson (insta: @jess.dubblu)

Date: 02/9/2020

Livestream launch - Somewhere Near, 7pm Thursday 17th

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Date: 08/8/2020

Max Bittisnich to release debut concept album ‘Somewhere Near’: a cinematic, emo-folk-rock journey that’s the first piece in a puzzle.

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Somewhere Near is a 7-track, emo-flavoured folk and rock debut release from Max Bittisnich that uncovers the first piece in the puzzle of their fascination with concept albums.

Somewhere Near is set to be released on September 17th 2020.

Naarm/Melbourne-based musician Max Bittisnich has crafted a concept album that tells a story of self-acceptance while navigating anxiety and desires within an increasingly isolated society and how nostalgia and escapism can be painful and relieving all at once. In the works since 2014, Max’s dynamic crooning is combined with assertive yet vulnerable lyrics that evoke specific times and places.


Somewhere Near sways between punk-laced songs like Golden Age and Putty in our Hands, to a blend of styles likened to Phoebe Bridgers and Josh Pyke in cinematic songs like The Day After Valentine’s and Somewhere Near Broome.

Max grew up in Canberra, moving to Melbourne in 2013, and ever since has been polishing their musical skills under the radar, ready to relinquish Somewhere Near to the airwaves. They have not let lockdowns stop their momentum, with plenty of time for writing, pondering, and tea.


Somewhere Near is available to buy or stream on September 17th.